Work Experience

Work Experience

Prerequisite: HCS3000

5 credits or 10 credits

Work Experience is a great opportunity for you to earn credits as you gain experience in the world of work. Students can earn up to 30 high school credits, 15 of which will go toward the Alberta High School Diploma. Each 25 hours you work at your job, either paid or unpaid, earns a credit at the 10, 20 or 30 level.

Your work experience supervisor is:

  • Ms. Werner during the regular school year (September to June). Ms. Werner's office is located in Student Services.

In order for you to get started, here are the things you need to do:

  1. Contact your work experience supervisor to request a Parent Consent Form and an Employer Consent Form. Have your parent/guardian and employer fill out these forms and return it to the school.
  2. Your work site must be approved for safety.  Your work experience supervisor will visit all new work sites to ensure it is a safe place for you to work and that it complies with school standards.
  3. You must copy and complete the Weekly Activity Log each week. This (and your pay stubs if applicable) will be your record to demonstrate you have acquired hours toward your credits.  It also tracks your workplace activities.  Be sure to get each log sheet signed off by your supervisor.
  4. Once you've obtained the necessary number of hours for course credits to be awarded, ask your employer to complete the Employer Evaluation Form.
  5. In order for your work time to earn credits, you will have to complete HCS3000 (Workplace Safety), which is a one-credit module that can be done online.  Ms. Werner can get you registered. It also earns you a grade 12 credit!