French as a Second Language

This language program is designed to help students acquire basic communication skills in French using a variety of approaches. Films, music, history, skits, literature, and general French discourse are used in class to help contextualize the language so students can broaden their view of the French language and culture. With the implementation of new curriculum, French is now offered with two streams: the three-year program and the nine-year program.

 French 10-3Y, 20-3Y, 30-3Y  5-credits
This program is intended for students who have not had previous instruction in French. By the end of French 30-3Y, students will be able to understand and express themselves in basic situations, provided the language they encounter is clear and based on familiar topics and structures. Students will also be able to use the cultural and strategic knowledge they have gained to sustain their communication. In addition, the intent of this program is to expand student's knowledge of experiences and perceptions of other people and to foster a respect for cultural and linguistic diversity. The study of film, music, literature and media will enhance students' understanding of French culture around the world.

 French 30-9Y  5 credits
The highest level of French offered is French 30. More emphasis is placed on speaking, aural comprehension and writing. Now students can fine tune their ability to express themselves using the language. This is not a diploma exam course.