Graduation Policy

To Participate In Grad...

Participation in Graduation Exercises
Graduation is held at the end of May. Students will only be placed on the grad list if they are enrolled in the necessary courses and credits to fulfill graduation requirements.
IN ADDITION, students will need to meet the following criteria:
»» WCHS Courses
Students must be passing (50% +) all courses required for graduation at the second reporting period of Semester 2.

»» WCHS Learning Commons
Students enrolled in the WCHS Learning Commons for required courses should have any work turned in by May 1 to ensure adequate time for work to be marked and grades calculated for the official grad list.

»» All Other Courses
Any other course work being taken outside of WCHS must be completed by May 1 and the program provider must verify successful course completion (50% +) to WCHS Student Services. 

»» Student Fee Accounts
Student Fee Accounts must be in good standing with the school. Failure to meet these requirements will result in removal of the student from the Grad list and he/she will not be allowed to participate in Graduation Exercises.