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Wetaskiwin Composite High School serves the needs of approximately 900 students from the City of Wetaskiwin, Town of Millet and the rural area of the County of Wetaskiwin, east of Highway 2.  In addition, First Nations students from the Four Nations Reserve south of Wetaskiwin are served through a tuition agreement with the Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools.


Approximately 44 percent of students attending Wetaskiwin Composite are bussed to the school with the remainder coming from the City of Wetaskiwin.  Students represent the diverse population of the jurisdiction from traditional conservative, small-town/rural values to more liberal large urban values.

The school has a professional staffing complement of 54 teachers and an additional 30 support staff consisting of Administrative Assistants, custodians, and educational assistants. 

Wetaskiwin Composite High School is approximately 6,500 square meters in size.  It is located next to the City of Wetaskiwin Recreation Complex which consists of an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, two ice arenas, curling rink, baseball diamonds and football/soccer field.

As Grade 9 students near the end of their Junior High years, the WCHS Student Services Department engages in an extensive orientation program to make the transition from grade 9 to high school a smooth and worry-free experience.  The orientation includes school visits, program information, Parent-Family Orientation Nights, and one on one registration assistance.



Mrs. Karen Elgert


Principal:  Mrs. Karen Elgert
Vice Principal:  Mr. Shawn Willmott
Vice Principal:  Mrs. Joline Wood


"WCHS...where teachers care that every student, every day, learns, grows and feels valued"


Wetaskiwin Composite High School will promote the overall development of a responsible citizen by:

  • Providing a place where every student, every day, learns, grows and feels valued.
  • Providing a healthy, safe environment that fosters dignity, respect, a sense of self-worth and a desire for lifelong learning.
  • Providing opportunities for everyone without discrimination.
  • Expecting high standards of conduct and performance.

Supply Lists

Grade 9 Supply List

Programs and Services

The school is constantly adapting to meet the needs of its continually changing clientele.  Programs include:  Alternate Education, Off Campus Education, Career and Technical Studies (Business and Vocational Education), General and Advanced level courses and a wide variety of complementary and optional courses.

Solar Panels Installed at WCHS!

Wetaskiwin Composite High School recently received the installation of 12 solar panels. The electricity produced is directed into the main power supply of the school. From an educational point of view, students are able to view the amount of power being generated live on a web site. This site shows the actual wattage that is being generated by each solar panel in real time. You can view this site by clicking on the link below: