General Expectations

General Expectations

Dress Code
Student attire at school should be suitable for learning activities. Just as there is a mode of dress suited to office work, the playing field or gymnasium, various informal or formal functions, there is also a mode of dress suited to classroom learning and educational activities. To that end, students are expected to dress in a clean, neat and appropriate manner by:

  »» Refraining from wearing headwear in the school except for medical or religious reasons, or unless required by the teacher for educational reasons.
  »» Wearing clothing void of pictures or slogans displaying drugs, alcohol, violence, racism, profanity or making direct or indirect sexual suggestion.
  »» Wearing clothing that covers the chest, back, midriff and buttocks. The bottom of the shirt/top must touch the top of the pants/skirt and necklines should be modest so that no cleavage shows.
  »» Wearing clothing which covers, physically and visually, all undergarments all of the time.
  »» Wearing footwear at all times for health and safety reasons.

Students failing to meet the above dress code will be referred to Administration or a School Counsellor. Students will have the option of meeting the dress code by removing headwear, putting on footwear or 'covering up' by putting on school-provided clothing or they will be sent home to change their clothing before they will be permitted to return to school. In the event of continued disregard for the dress code, Administration will arrange a meeting with the student, parent and Grade Advisor.

Food and Drink
A clean environment makes a positive atmosphere for all in the building. The consumption of food and drink is to occur in the cafeteria and atrium area only. Students are expected to clean up the area where food and drink are consumed.

Lockers / Locks
Lockers and locks are rented through the school and assigned at the time of registration. Lockers must be locked at all times. The school is not responsible for articles missing from lockers. You cannot keep anything considered illegal to possess in your school locker, such as:

»» drugs
»» alcohol
»» stolen property
»» anything that could be used as a weapon
»» anything deemed by the school or police to be a danger
»» anything else illegal to possess

In accordance with WRPS AP354, even though students put locks on their school lockers, they should not have an expectation of privacy for their locker. Lockers are the property of WRPS. WRPS reserves the right to open, search, and inspect school lockers without notice to students if WRPS has reasonable grounds to believe that students have anything listed above in the locker. In accordance with WRPS AP354, WRPS may invite the RCMP to search the locker areas and outside of closed lockers with Narcotic Detection Dogs. If the Narcotic Detection Dogs detect drugs or any other item listed above in your locker, WRPS authorities and/or the RCMP may open and inspect your locker.

Lockers must be emptied and the lock returned to the Book Room in June. Lockers must be cleaned and free of pictures, posters, stickers and writings. Monetary penalties will be assessed to those who do not comply.

WCHS is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is strongly discouraged, for health reasons, but students or staff members who choose to smoke while at school are asked to do so off school property. Smokers are required to cross the street to smoke. This expectation includes the use of smokeless tobacco.

Surveillance Cameras
WCHS uses a number of video cameras throughout the building as a supervision tool to monitor the school premises in order to provide students with a safe educational environment.

Zero Tolerance
To further provide all students with a safe and positive learning environment, the WCHS Administration has instituted a policy of zero tolerance for harassment, violence and illegal substance abuse. Each student is held responsible for his/her personal actions. The privilege to attend Wetaskiwin Composite High School carries with it the obligation to maintain acceptable behaviour.

Attendance Expectations

Attendance Expectations
»» Students are expected to be in class, on time, on a daily basis. Students who are repeatedly absent may lose their registration in that class.
»» The responsibility for regular attendance rests with the student and the student's parents/guardians.
»» Parents/Guardians have the responsibility to notify the school in advance of any absences to ensure consideration is given to any upcoming assignments or exams.
»» Students who miss exams and assignments due to absence are responsible for contacting their teachers on the first day back and for making arrangements to complete work missed.

»» The classroom teacher will discuss attendance expectations with their students at the beginning of each semester.
»» Teachers will record all absences in the computer.
»» Excuses will be coded as "explained" if a note or phone call is received from the home (i.e. parent/ guardian) testifying to illness, necessary appointments, family emergencies, etc.
»» If a student's absences have not been explained by 3:30 pm on a given day, home contact will be made that evening utilizing the Autodialler.
»» In accordance with school policy, students whose absences are deemed to be excessive will be withdrawn from individual courses.  Student circumstances will be considered and provision made for appeals to be heard.

Signing Out
If a student needs to leave the school for any reason during class time, he/she should sign out with one of the secretaries in the General Office

Spare Periods
Students with spares are expected to use this time wisely. Students not wishing to utilize the library during their spares must go to the school cafeteria or leave the school building. Students should NOT be loitering in the hallways during class time. Part-time students are to leave the school (unless working in the library) when not in class.

Hats, Cell Phones, Electronic Devices...

The Rules:
- All headwear (including toques, hoodies, bandanas) is to be removed 
             upon entry into the building.
    i-pods- These devices (including mp3 players, etc.) are only permitted in the
              classroom with the teacher's permission.

  Cell Phones - Cell phones are permitted in the school. Please use these devices
              responsibility. Cell phones can only be used in the classroom with the teacher's permission. Students are not permitted to record any students or staff without permission.    



The Consequences:
    (1) First Offence -  the electronic device, cell phone or hat will be confiscated  
        and held by the administration for 3 days. Students may pick up their device or
        hat at the end of 3 days OR parents may make arrangements to personally
        pick up the item before the end of the 3 day period.

    (2) Second Offence -  the student will receive a school suspension.

    (3) More Than Two Occurances - Any further incidents would reflect that the
        student is unwilling to comply with the expectations of the school and a
        recommendation would be made for an alternate educational setting for that

 Please Note:  In the event that a student does not comply with the request to relinquish their cell phone, electronic devices or hats,  that student will be subject to suspension or recommendation for an alternate educational setting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact WCHS!