Alternate Education

ALS Program

Assisted Living Skills (ALS) Program
The Assisted Living Skills Program is designed to provide a learning experience to individuals who fall into the moderate to severe range of cognitive delays. It specifically focuses on students who may have a variety of handicapping conditions and require specialized instruction on a continuous basis.

The three main goals of the Assisted Living Skills Program are to increase students' awareness of their environment, encourage students to reduce any inappropriate behaviours and to exhibit more acceptable behaviours, and to help students to reach their maximum potential in the development of social skills and independence.

An Individualized Program Plan is developed for each student and forms a basis for all of the student's programming.


G.O.A.L.S (Generating Occupations Academics and Living Skills) Program
This program is designed for students who have experienced prolonged difficulty in regular programs or have enrolled in modified or Special Education classes prior to High School. The main objective is to support students in a successful transition from the school environment to the workforce. Just as the title suggests, this is done by focusing on three key subject areas; core academics, work experience, and life skills. All learning begins at a concrete or basic level, with an emphasis on real life situations.

Courses include: Communications, Mathematics, Food Studies, Occupations, Work Experience, Science, Social Studies, C.A.L.M, Phys. Ed, and Media (photography/ stained glass/model rocketry/other hobbies depending on student interest).

Knowledge And Employablity Program

Knowledge and Employability (KE) Courses
KE courses make meaningful connections between schooling and personal experiences. These courses are designed to meet the educational needs of students who learn best through experiential learning activities.  The focus is on the development and application of reading, writing, mathematical literacy and essential employability skills.

KE courses promote student skills, abilities and work ethics including:
  »» Academic and occupational skills of a standard determined by the workplace to be necessary for success
  »» Practical applications through on- and off-campus experiences
  »» Career development

Knowledge and Employability courses can be completed in 2.5 years (5 semesters, 80 credits) leading to a Certificate of High School Achievement. These courses prepare students to earn a senior high school credential, enter the workplace with employability and occupational skills that meet industry standards or make successful transitions to other courses that further their education and training. Once the Knowledge and Employability Program is completed, students are encouraged to register in mainstream programming for 2 extra semesters in order to obtain their Alberta High School Diploma (100 credits).

RLS Program

RLS Program
The WCHS Remedial and Living Skills Program is a lively and active program which attends to the needs of developmentally delayed students. This program is designed to enable students to become contributing, independent and mature members of our community. RLS students work on academic skills, basic functional skills, vocational skills and social skills as set out in the Alberta Education Special Needs Program Guide. Students are integrated into the high school environment as much as possible and are provided with on going experiences in the community intended to test and develop skills in real life situations.