Post- Secondary and Beyond

Applying for Post-Secondary

Apply Alberta: This portal allows you to register to all post-secondary institutions in the province of Alberta



Online Transfer guide: The most up-to-date admissions and transfer agreement information. (This is extremely helpful when you are looking at starting at one college and looking to see if your courses transfer to other colleges and universities.)

Need Help with Post Secondary Funding?

Scholarships are non-repayable awards given to recognize the high level of excellence a student has achieved in his/her studies. 

Bursaries (Grants) are non-repayable awards allocated on the basis of financial need and without undue emphasis on academic standing.

Student Loans vary based on:

  • the cost of tuition;
  • your savings/financial contributions; and
  • your living situation


Where to begin?

Student Aid Alberta

Apply to Student Aid Alberta and learn about your funding options.

  • You can receive a mix of loans and grants from both Alberta and Canada
  • Check out all of the scholarships and awards offered by Alberta's government (including the Rutherford Scholarship
    *Rutherford Scholarship is not competitive, you must meet the criteria, be enrolled in a post-secondary school (somewhere in the world) AND apply for it.


WCHS Local Scholarship

Complete this Google Doc before June 18th to be considered for a number of local scholarships. Successful candidates will be notified in the fall of 2023.

Additional Local Scholarships (need to be filled out by hardcopy) can be picked up at Student Services office.

Student Loans Canada

There are five steps in the application process:

  • Step 1: Begin application
  • Step 2: Wait for Notice of Assessment from your province/territory
  • Step 3: Review and accept the MSFAA terms and conditions
  • Step 4: Submit your loan documents
  • Step 5: Confirm your enrolment

Additional Scholarships

Searching for Scholarships????
Remember to think of this as a part-time job, it will be time-consuming, you will need to be organized, read criteria, pay attention to deadlines, etc... ALL before you know if you will “earn any money” from your search! 




Check out these websites!

Alberta Online Student Guide and #1 FREE student service on the web.

Students will have access to an extensive database of scholarships, student awards, bursaries, and grants. Also included is information about student loans, applications, and budget planning.  

ScholarTree is an online platform that helps students pay for their education through scholarships! Subscribe and get email updates when scholarships match your profile!

Canada student loans, grants, scholarships and other aid.

Here’s a site that links you to scholarship opportunities throughout North America. Be sure to carefully check the criteria: many scholarships are specific to American students, but the site also includes links to scholarships for Canadians, including some at Canadian Universities and Colleges.  

This site allows students to create a profile and receive regular updates matching their criteria. The general site allows students to view hundreds of scholarships with a variety of criteria. Students may also link and obtain information on numerous colleges and universities by province.

Provides information for career planning, post-secondary education and training, educational funding, work search, labour market trends and workplace skills. There is also 

EduCanada- International Scholarships

Are you an international student in search of scholarships to study in Canada, or a Canadian student who wants to fund your studies abroad? Look no further. On this website you will find numerous awards for international students and scholars in Canada, and for Canadians to study and conduct research abroad. These awards are offered by Canadian governments, foreign governments, non-governmental organizations and international organizations.



**ALWAYS check the scholarships/financial aid section of each post-secondary institution**

**search:  “alberta scholarships for high school students”  and look through results from other high schools, post-secondary schools, scholarship programs from companies, etc.

**Check out places of work of your parents/guardians. They may have a scholarship for employee’s children! **

**Check out any clubs/organizations/sports that you may have been involved in and see if they have scholarships! ex) 4-H, Baseball Alberta, Toastmasters, Culinary classes… just to name a few!

**expect to see a lot of duplication from search sites, but they may have a few different scholarships/awards/bursaries listed so check them out.

Drop-In Tutorials and Diploma Prep

Tutoring and diploma prep courses are available for students who wish to get extra help. Alberta Diploma Prep is an organization that offers low-cost tutoring to students completing high school courses. This is an outside organization not associated with WCHS. If you are interested, please click on the link below for more information.

tutor list girl female student

Chatter High- Higher Education and Career Options

Welcome to ChatterHigh!

We believe students select careers and higher education programs based on what they know. 

ChatterHigh students receive a fun, mobile, daily, 10 minute, 10 question, edu-game in the form of a quiz that allows them to research and explore thousands of higher education and career options.

Students have the opportunities to win a variety of bursaries (money for Post-secondary that you don't have to pay back!!) and gift cards. 

Sign-up is easy!


Career Planning


This amazing tool allows students to take a variety of interest surveys, has an in-depth educational planner, easy to use a post-secondary tool that allows you to compare up to 3 different schools with similar programs. There is also a Rutherford calculator and resume generator.

Parents can access myBlueprint also!!! 

Activation code is: Wetaskiwin



The alis website provides career, learning, and employment information that helps Albertans achieve success.

To help you succeed, alis offers information about:

The Government of Alberta works with the Government of Canada to provide employment support programs and services. 

Dual Credit Opportunities

There are several dual credit courses that students can take in the second semester! Some highlights include Intro to Veterinary Profession, Horticulture, Intro to Psychology, and Medical Terminology. 

WRPS Dual Credit Courses 2021   

Please take a look at the courses available and if you are interested and meet the prerequisites, you can apply by filling out the WRPS Application and the College application form. All applications MUST be in by Wednesday, January 13th. Send all applications to

WRPS Dual Credit Application Form  

BVC Dual Credit Winter 2021 Application

Dual Credit Application Registration Form Northern Lakes College

WINTER 2021 Olds College Online Dual Credit Application