Academic Expectations

WCHS Principles on Reporting Student Achievement

This document is a policy guide that provides students and parents a comprehensive explanation of assessment practices at Wetaskiwin Composite High School.

WCHS Principles on Reporting Student Achievement 

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parent-teacher interviews take place twice each semester. We encourage all parents to attend and speak with their children's teachers. Please refer to our web site's calendar for specific dates and times.

Report Cards

WCHS sends out 2 report cards per Semester, including the final report card.  The first one of the semester(s) are given directly to students, while the final marks are mailed home to parent/guardians.
Final Diploma course marks are available directly from Alberta Education in Edmonton.  Students usually receive these marks a few weeks after their final exams.

Keep us up to date on any address changes!!

Please check our web-site calendar for this year's report card dates!

Student Evaluation/Final Exams

Students will receive course outlines and evaluation procedures from each of their teachers during the first week of instruction in each semester.  Evaluation will be continuous throughout the semester and report cards will be issued three times per semester.  Parent-Teacher interviews will be held following the first report card of each term.

Students who miss examinations, quizzes, assignments, etc. due to an excused absence must, upon their return,  meet with the respective teacher(s) to register for the after school make-up exam writing.  Students will have the opportunity to make up missed examinations.  These arrangements just be completed wihtin 2 days of returning to class.

End of Semester Final Examination Schedules are posted well in advance.  It is not possible to re-schedule a student's final examination except in the case of serious illness confirmed with a medical certificate, or extenuating circumstances cleared with administration.

In the event that a student wishes to appeal a final mark, the following process should be followed:
     *  An appeal should be made directly to the teacher concerned.
     *  If not resolved in above, appeal may be taken to the administrator for that grade who will involve the department head, teacher and student in an effort to  settle the matter.
     *  If not resloved in either of the above, the principal, after consultation with all concerned, will make the final decision.

Final Exams
All final exams are compulsory. If a student fails to write a final exam, a grade of 0% will be used for the final exam component of the final grade.  Exceptions due to medical problems, etc. , will be ruled upon by administration. 

End of term exams are scheduled over the last few days of a semester.  Students are not required to attend school during this time if they are not writing a scheduled exam.  Those wishing to study quietly are most welcome to be in the school when not writing an exam.

Final Exam Schedule

WCHS final exam schedules for non-diploma exams will be posted closer to exam time (near the end of each semester).  Please check the main WCHS web site at the end of November for Semester 1 and the end of May for Semester 2 for dates and times of upcoming final exams.

Diploma exam dates are determined by the province and are on our calendar already. These diploma exams take place in January and June of each school year.