Fine Arts


Instrumental Music l0, 20 and 30 5 credits
The Instrumental Music classes focus on the overall development of instrumental musicians through the study of many forms of contemporary and classical music.  Students in the class may then have the chance to perform and tour in the extra-curricular Concert Band, provincially, nationally and internationally.

Students must have 2-3 years of experience in Junior High Band or private study on traditional instruments of the Concert Band.  Grade 10 students must also take the Instrumental Music 10 class in order to be eligible to participate in the extra-curricular Concert Band.

Choral Music 10, 20, 30 3 credits
The Choral Music classes are open to male and female singers interested in improving their vocal abilities and experience through live performances. The music studied ranges from classical to contemporary. The ability to read music is advantageous but not a necessity; however, a good ear for melody and harmony is crucial.

Students in the class may then have the chance to perform and tour in the extra-curricular Concert Choir provincially, nationally and internationally.  Previous choral experience in Junior High is not required but Grade 10 students must take the Choral Music Class in order to be eligible to participate in the Concert Choir.


Drama 10 3 credits
If you want to know the basics of Drama and enjoy improvisation and performing, this course if for you. Learn the foundations of voice, body, movement and space while gaining self-confidence and communication skills. Students are involved in class based performances that allow students to develop and showcase their skills. A creative, developmental environment encourages students to explore production, stage, lighting, sound and costuming.

Drama 20 3 credits
Students will further their development in the techniques of voice, body, movement and space. Students become aware of and use the Elements and Conventions of Drama. Students learn various approaches to character development, reflect upon their work and others work on small and larger scale productions. Students are encouraged to focus their skills in the technical areas of lighting, design, set, costume and sound while mentoring younger students.

Drama 30 5 credits
Drama 30 is the further development of all theatre skills. The production or productions tend to be more elaborate and extends the skill development of all students. Emphasis on stage management and direction increases with experience. Public performance of high caliber productions are exciting and worthy of portfolio development.


Art 10 3 credits
If you would like to learn to draw and paint this is a perfect course for you! No previous experience is necessary. You will learn basic techniques in pencil and ink drawing, and watercolor painting. You will learn how to recognize the elements and principles of design as they are found in nature.

Art 20 3 credits
Prerequisite: Art 10
Build on competencies that you have learned in Art 10 and develop greater proficiencies in drawing and painting. You will study portrait drawing resulting in a creation of your own portrait. You will also study and develop skills in hand-formed pottery. 

Art 30 6 credits
Prerequisite: Art 20
Art 30 is an extension of Art 10 and Art 20. You will become proficient in working with the elements and principles of design in pencil, pen and ink, drawing, and watercolors and acrylics. You will learn how to form pottery using the pottery wheel and try your hand at creating beautiful works of art in stained glass.