Bus Transportation/Registration

Transportation Services

The Education Act states that the school board shall, in accordance with the regulation, transport a student who:

  • Resides within the attendance area of a school in which the student is enrolled;
  • Resides with the division boundary; and
  • Resides at a distance greater than 1.0 km for Gr K-6 and 2.0 km for Gr 7-12 from that school.

For detailed information on student transportation, refer to Alberta Transportation Safety Information

Please visit the WRPS transportation webpage for more information and applications: WRPS Bus Transportation Applications

Inclement Weather

The primary consideration in the event of inclement weather conditions shall be the health and safety of students and staff.  When road or weather conditions jeopardize the safety of students and staff, bus routes may be canceled.  View the Bus Route Status section of this website for more information on school bus route cancellations and delays.

132 Inclement Weather

Bus Safety

Did you know???

As per Commercial Vehicle Regulations

Standing, etc., in school bus

When a school bus is used for a purpose under section 19, to transport students to and from school, no person shall

 (a) stand in the school bus,

 (b) get up from that person’s seat in the school bus, or 

(c) embark onto or disembark from the school bus while the school bus is in motion.


The fine for this is :$230.00